Monday, June 25, 2007

On the tube

Anime Review
By OtakuGirlByHeart

Ouran High School Host Club

“Ouran Private Academy is defined by one, prestigious families and two, wealth and prosperous people who have much time on their hands. Thus, this Ouran host club is about these bishounen who have time, giving hospitality to those lovely ladies who also have much time on their hands and profit off of them. It’s an elegant game exclusive to this super-rich school.”

Well, that was according to the Host Club before a girl entered their lives.

Meet Fujioka Haruhi, a studious commoner mistaken for a guy because of her tacky clothes. Only able to study in Ouran because of a scholarship, she starts her first day looking for a quiet place to study. On the top of the Southern Wing, in the abandoned third music room, she stumbles onto the Host Club instead. After a complex of twists of events, she ends up breaking a vase that she can’t pay (amounting to 8 million) and becomes the Host Club’s dog doing menial tasks here and there.

Only when she trips, and her glasses fall, did they see that she has the looks to be a host and find out that she is natural to these kinds of things.

Ouran High School Host Club is a 26-episode anime which focuses on the ups and downs of being rich and popular.

The opening and closing tracks (Sakura Kiss by Chieco Kawabe and Shissou by the Last Alliance) are upbeat and catchy to anyone’s ear the first time they hear it. Although the plot often takes place in the school’s grounds, the animation and scenery of every frame is spectacular and consistent with everything. Also, I can’t comment about the character designs. Can anyone spell bishounen?

All in all, Ouran Host Club is a good find if you’re looking for a bit of shounen-ai and are a sucker for romantic-comedies. So what are you waiting for?

Join Prince-type Club President Suou Tamaki, Cool-type Vice-President Ootori Kyouya, Senior students Wild-type Morinozuka Takashi and Loli-shota-type Haninozuka Mitsukuni, Little-devil type twin brothers Hitachiin Hikaru and Kaoru, and natural-type Fujioka Haruhi (who’s really a girl) in their funny, misfit but heart-warming stories.

Friday, May 25, 2007

5 things I learned while I was in my 3rd year outreach…

an inside report

It must be hard. To see the world in a different light.

To see it as if you were never part of it. A world where you existed and suddenly vanished out of thin air. A world where you are forced to see everything differently and view issues without anyone caring about your opinion. Where you are forced to be part of the lower ground and almost no one cares about you.

It must definitely be hard. But that’s what we experienced when we went for an outreach program in Muntinlupa City.

Technically, everyone thought the place itself was unsafe. More so the people inside it but fortunately, most of us were permitted to go.

A number of smiles greeted us as we entered the facility. Especially when they saw the merchandise that we were bringing in the compound. It must be like Christmas here I thought to myself as we walked pass them and we, as we liked it or not, were the little elves that Santa had sent to render a feeling of relief.

As we presented to them a number of songs and dances, I kept thinking that we were the ones on top. That we were the ones who would give a lot and receive nothing in return especially when we saw their faces full of desires…full of hopes and dreams. Although I did not expect it, my notion was quickly corrected.

We received more from them.

Power of Prayer

When one is troubled, they say that prayer is the best way to find the light to your troubles. This is true. I got the chance to interview someone that got closer to God just because he was thrown into prison. Praying helps them survive the trials that God has put in their path and even makes them overcome it like it never happened.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can break hearts.

Words, sometimes, can be more harmful than a round inside a boxing ring. No one can ever see what their words mean to other people unless they are the ones who are being talked about. I learned from this trip that sometimes it is necessary to keep silent and listen with a patient heart. The comforting words may have an effect but the words that are unsaid may bring more than what comfort can offer.

“Please give me one more try for the sake of your love”

Taken from a love song, this serves as the perfect line and lesson they want us to learn. Sure, they made a mistake. A crime, to be exact but nevertheless, they are still human beings too. You, don’t you make mistakes too? Many of them, once they get out, are being driven away like they have an infectious and fatal disease. Almost everyone remembers the days you have spent in prison but only a few people see pass that and remember the days before you went into prison. Let’s give them a fresh start, shall we?

Desire drives us but regret is just a step behind it.

You may be more familiar with this saying in Tagalog. “Nasa huli palagi ang pagsisisi.” It may be fun to break the rules once or twice but always bear in mind that every decision you make brings about a certain consequence that you would have to pay sometime in the future. Nothing goes without a price whether the deed you did is good or bad, there is always a thing called karma that lurks around us. It’s like the print on the t-shirts. “Do what you want. Pay later.”

“You may paint a dragon’s skin easily but you can never paint a dragon’s heart in a moment.”

A Chinese proverb. From the world’s greatest philosopher, Confucius to be exact. What if we change the word dragon to human? You may see a person based on his looks, what he wears but you can never tell if he is kind-hearted or another one of those “Great-Pretenders”. It takes time to know a person especially his personality which he can hide under the layers of his skin and barely show anyone. Besides, not everything you hear and see is what it seems. Would you believe that some of them there are actually innocent and are just being framed up? We must not judge a person by what he has done or what he has not. Rather we should see what he is doing and what he plans to do. No one can change the past but we can certainly learn from it.

Especially from our brothers in Muntinlupa who see the world in a new light.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

if you call me _____________, then you're most probably _______________

Hi! My name is Shiri Rinnoru Chizumi (Sharisse Rae Lim) but…

If you call me __________________, then you’re most probably ________________

If you call me Lim, then you’re most probably my classmate who urgently needs something from me like my assignment or one of my teachers who don’t bother to call me by my first name since they don’t know how to pronounce it properly.

If you call me Charisse, then you’re most probably someone who wants to become closer to me than you currently are; a teacher trying his/her best to know his/her students better or probably someone who just read my name from the master’s list.

If you call me Sharisse, then you’re most probably my friend or one of the teachers that I have gotten close to. It’s either that or I have already corrected you regarding the pronunciation.

If you call me Ate Sharisse, then you’re probably one of the lower years that I’m associated with or either that, you want to make yourself younger. And with panda eyes to boot!

If you call me Rae, then you’re most probably insane.

If you call me Sharisse Rae Tupaz Lim, then you’re most probably angry at me for not paying attention.

If you call me a genius, then you’re most probably just relieved to have me answer a very difficult question for you or are utterly grateful to be receiving the notebook that you know would be helpful during the exams.

If you call me Ate Sars, then you’re most probably one of my classmates in first year when the fatal disease became rapid and so did that nickname.

If you call me Buchoink, then you’re most probably dead by now.

If you call me—or know me as Malystrynx, then you’re most probably someone who I met on the internet as I always use this as my username on forums, download sites and in my webs.

If you call me—or know me, for that matter as Shiri Chizumi, then you’re most probably someone that works in the Marian Gazette (the official newspaper of ICCS) or someone that finally found that I’ve been using that pen name for my fics and stuff.

If you call me just plain old Shiri, then you’re most probably in my close circle of friends. The ones who are the closest to my heart and the ones who I’ll give my whole life for, without you, I don’t know what I’ll be able to do.

On the big tube

Okay, give me a few moments to read your mind as you read this blog…

You’re… thinking… of something. Something absurd like… what the hell has gotten into this blogger?! Has she gone insane once again?!

Now… I bet you’re wondering how I was able to figure that one out, huh?

It’s easy. I’m psychic.

Or… maybe not.

Maybe that wasn’t what you were thinking, I mean. Not me being not psychic.

Anyway, let’s leave this line of conversation as I introduced you to the real psychic.

Or maybe not, as well.

Meet Shawn Spencer (guy in mid), your average 20-something independent guy who can’t keep a job for more than a few months. And meet his “special” gift. The ability to perceive even the most minute details of his surroundings. Being trained by his father, he uses this ability to tip off police on their current investigations while merely watching the local news.

But unfortunately, after dozens of tips, the police start to suspect that Shawn isn’t what he seems. They think that they might be inside the dozens of crimes he solved.

Determined to prove his innocence, he tells them that he’s psychic. And together with his partner and best friend Gus, they put up their own private investigating agency where his adventures and misadventures of solving the hardest crimes begin to take place.

So if you are interested in solving crime or you just want to take a good laugh, watch Psych. A twist to your regular heavy drama slash action sitcoms.


I know, you know
That I’m not telling the truth
I know, you know
They just don’t have any prove
Based on deception
Learn how to bend
Your worst inhibitions
Will psych you out in the end.

Symptoms: Opening Song (Psych)
Credits where they usually sing something
The dispute scenes of Shawn and Detective Lassiter
Shawn’s childhood moments with his father

Entities: James Roday as Shawn Spencer
Dule Hill as Burton Guster
Timothy Omundson as Detective Carl Lassiter
Maggie Lawson as Detective Juliet O’Hara
Corbin Bernsen as Henry Spencer

Mastermind: Steve Franks

Dragon’s Scale: 10 breaths of fire (No reasons behind it. Just watch.)

Hit in the USA

Hit in the USA
Performed by the Beat Crusaders

Let’s Go!

I’ve never dreamed before
I’m going to knock the door
Into the world of perfect free
(You ain’t lonely!)

You’re going to say I’m lying
I’m going to get a chance
I thought a chance was far from me
(You ain’t lonely!)

I was made to hit in America
(I was made to hit in America)
I was made to hit in America

I’ve never dreamed before
I’m going to knock the door
Into the world of perfect free
(You ain’t lonely!)

You’re going to say I’m broke (hey!)
But now I’ve made it through
How many times I’ve tried to pay?
(You ain’t lonely!)

I was made to hit in America
(I was made to hit in America)
I was made to hit in America

You are the sun
You are the star
To me forever (repeat)


I was made to hit in America
(I was made to hit in America)
(repeat until fade)


“So… Where are you off to college?”

That must have been the umpteenth time that I had heard that phrase that seemed to go around my alma mater from person to person. It’s like, “Hey, good to see you again! Where are you off to now?”

A normal person would shrug and keep silent for awhile before admitting that their future was still not planned.

Well… not me!

When faced with that question that I have heard so many countless times before, I hold my chin up high, take a deep breath and say, “I’m off to the mall!”

Of course, there’re a few awkward moments of silence before they see the humor on my face and laugh.

Ironic, isn’t it? But it always happens to me.

I don’t know why people try to make a big fuss of asking where they’re headed off to for college when I’m sure that even if we’ll be on separate routes by then, we would still see each other. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s nothing wrong with looking for people that you know to go along with you but I personally believe that college is a time for everyone to get to meet new people. Not stick around to the old ones they have and be contented with that.

You got to explore new things and try them out.

Take this for example. You and your best buds are part of a blue team. You guys are just absolutely crazy about the color blue and this is perhaps the reason why you guys have grown so close together. But during a meeting of what shade of blue you would like to paint the club room, you realized that these people all want the same thing but a different thing at the same time.

Sure, they all love blue. But they want different shades of it.

There’s one who likes navy blue. The other royal blue. Yet another one with blue green, you with blue violet, some others with sky blue, baby blue, etc.

Well, I think college is sort of like that.

You may want to all go to the same college but like the rest of unique individuals, you have to go to different courses.

And hence, the difference factor which affects everything.

And ironically, when you get to college with people from the same course and the same college, you release that they would start asking you the opposite.

“So… which high school did you come from?”

On the silver screen

On the Silver Screen:
Happily N’Ever After

Now, I know what you’re thinking. First, what the heck is wrong with the title? And second, what am I doing watching a kids’ movie? Well, you’re wrong on both accounts. The title is really that way because in this movie, not everything went as the story goes. Kind of like a twist to the normal fairy tales that I have enjoyed during my childhood—and that most of the kids nowadays don’t actually know. I mean, it was sort of funny seeing that most of the audience in the theater were people in my age group and people in my sister’s age group. Anyway, the story focuses more on the fairy tale of Cinderella or Ella as she’s better known in the movie (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and her not-so dream prince, Rick—a dishwasher voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.. It starts in the Kingdom of Happily Ever After (because the name Canada was already taken ^_^!) where a wizard presides over the different fairy tales and their stories, making sure that everything goes by the book by the use of magic scales to balance the good and evil side of things. But like everyone else, the wizard needs to take a break as well. And so as he leaves for Scotland, he leaves things to Monk, a small boar that sees the cup as half-empty, and Mambo, someone who probably... well, peed in the cup… That went well… anyway! While he was gone, the ball of Cinderella was going on, and a simple accident catches the attention of her evil stepmother. And with the twist of things, Monk and Mambo are thrown out of the chamber with the stepmother taking control of all the bad guys and ruining the plots of every fairy tale. Especially with Ella’s magic being brought to an end just before the sun sets. Now, what’s a princess to do? It’s now up to her and her furry friends to come up with a plan to find the prince—who’s looking for the fair maiden who forgot her slipper—and hopefully save the day(?)… or will she find someone else that will take his place? A modern-day version to the usual dainty and girly Cinderella and your not-so-usual fairy tales, Happily N’ever After is a must-see for children all ages and all sizes.

Aphorisms: If I get what I want, will I want what I get?
Not everything should go by the book!
Dragon’s Scale: 9 breaths of fire